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The Barcelona airport web guide.

Transport from Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya) to Barcelona airport

Here you can find information about the different ways to get from Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya) to Barcelona Airport. You can choose to take a taxi, book a transfer.

Taxi from Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya) to Barcelona Airport.

One option is to take a taxi from Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya) to Barcelona Airport. Taxis wait right in Plaza Catalunya. The approximate cost of the taxi ride from Plaza Catalunya to Barcelona Airport is 25-30 € depending on the traffic and which terminal are you going to. T2 is much closer than T1.

There is a taxi stop in Plaça Catalunya, just by the end of Ramblas. We advise you to choose this option from your departure point calling to the taxi's companies. The travel time is 25 min and distance is 20 km to T1.

Barcelona taxi Central phone:

Teletaxi phone: +34 933 22 22 22

Radio Taxi Phone: +34 933033033

Radio teletaxi phone: +34 934665656

Barcelona taxi fare:

minimum fare: 2.10 euros

Price by phone: 1.30 euros

Wait Time: 21.30 euros

Working day from 8.00 to 20.00, Saturday and holidays from 20.00 to 8.00 COMBRA not supplements.

Working day from 20.00 to 8.00, Saturday and holidays from 8.00 to 20.00 is charged:


Airport (Input / Output) 4.20 €
Carrera minimum output airport
(Includes supplement € 3.10)
20.00 €
Suitcase (or similar)> 55x35x35cm 1.00 €
Dock Townhouse (Input / Output) 4.20 €
- Fira Barcelona
Gran Via Montjuïc 2 (Output)
2.10 €
- Estatión de Sants / França / Nord (Exit)
2.10 €
- Special Nights
23/6 - 24/6 - 24/12 - 25/12 - 31/12 - 1/1
3.10 €
- Suitcases (55x35x35cm)
- Dogs Lazarillo
- Chair Minusvalido
- Stroller
- Domestic Animals
Free with any rate more

Transfer from Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya) to Barcelona Airport.

This is one of the best options but it uses to be more expensive than taxi.

For a quote and book your transfer you can do it directly on this page with all guarantees.

From Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya) to Barcelona Airport by Bus.

Aerobus offers this shuttle bus from Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya) to Barcelona Airport. The cost of 5.90 € (round) round trip € 10.20, the journey takes 35 min. Be careful, there is no shuttle bus after midnight.

Tickets can be purchased at the website of Aerobus or the same bus (you can pay by credit card).

Aerobus Business Phone: +34 902100104 mail: info@sgmt.cat

The airport bus operates all year round and always with the same schedule.

The buses have free WiFi and USB chargers.

The route has stops at strategic points of the city: Pl Catalunya, Sepúlveda-Urgell, Pl Espanya, Gran Via-Urgell and Universitat Pl....

The vehicles are adapted for people with reduced mobility (PRM).

Have ample space reserved for their luggage.

Surveillance cameras

There are two line one coming out of Terminal 1 and one in Terminal 2.

Below is the schedule of buses that can take you to Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya).

Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona) - Terminal T1 (Aeropuerto)
De 05:00 h a 06:40 h every 10 min
De 06:50 h a 21:45 h every 5 min
De 21:50 h a 00:30 h every 10 min
Pl. Catalunya (Barcelona) - Terminal T2 (Aeropuerto)
De 05:30 h a 06:50 h every 20 min
De 07:05 h a 22:25 h every 10 min
De 22:40 h a 00:30 h every 20 min



There is also the possibility that N17 night bus runs from 23:00 to 4:00, from Plaza Catalunya to the terminal 1, does not stop at Terminal 2, with a frequency 1h 20 min, with a cost of 2.15 euros round and round the same price.

From the Barcelona Airport to Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya) by train.

This is the cheapest way to get to Barcelona airport from Barcelona (Plaza Catalunya). Take the train to Plaza Catalunya Station sant, then here another train that takes you to Terminal 2 Barcelona Airport. The cost is 2.15 euros and buys a single ticket in the machines at the entrance to the station. The commuter train out of this terminal from the 05.13 and until 9.39 every 30 minutes and takes about 20 minutes to reach Terminal 2 Barcelona Airport. Take from Terminal 2 Barcelona Airport to Terminal 1 of the airport internal bus free and operates 24 hours, the hours are 20:00 8.00a every 4 min of 5.00 to 8.00 and from 20.00 to 00.00 every 7 min from 00.00 to 5.00 every 20 min.


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