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Cancellation of 275 flights in Spain by the controllers strike France

Tdoay is the second day of air traffic controllers strike in France that caused most be delays in flights and cancellations of aircraft passing through French airspace.

Barcelona airport, where there have been 69 cancellations of 772 planned operations, is the most affected by the French strike Spain.

The DGAC, Directorate General of Civil Aviation of France has declared that the srike is followed by most of controllers. In addition to the planned cancellations, there were major delays than on all flights in France and other countries like Spain. According to the website of the Directorate of Air Navigation Operations in France, yesterday afternoon delays were widespread in almost all over France, with more than one hour delay in the Paris airports and more than 2 hours at the Toulouse airport.

The union of Controller Engineers of Air Navigation in France (UNSA-ICNA), complains, above all, reducing the number of controllers. UNSA-ICNA denounces the decision of the DGAC accelerate the descent drivers during 2016 by not replacing between 20% and 35% of drivers who are retiring.



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